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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 27-12-2020

The Hindu newspaper is treated as the Bible by the various exam aspirants be it Bank Exam aspirants, SSC aspirants, or UPSC aspirants. Reading the editorial section of the newspaper daily has two-fold benefits: (a) It gives the editor’s views on the latest happenings in India and the world, (b) It also helps enhance English vocabulary.

In this blog of “The Hindu Vocabulary December 2020”, we have come up with a list of difficult words taken from the Hindu Editorials, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, examples (the correct usage of the words)

Read along to understand it better. 

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 27-12-2020

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive exams || 27.12.20


1. CONDONE (VERB): (ध्यान न देना): disregard

Synonyms: take no notice of, accept

Antonyms: condemn

Example Sentence:

The college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs.


2. COURTLY (ADJECTIVE): (सभ्य): refined

Synonyms: polished cultivated

Antonyms: uncouth

Example Sentence:

He gave a courtly bow to everyone.


3. RAPTURE (NOUN): (अत्यन्त हर्ष): ecstasy

Synonyms: bliss, euphoria

Antonyms: boredom

Example Sentence:

We listened with rapture as the orchestra played.


4. ELOQUENT (ADJECTIVE): (सुवक्ता): persuasive

Synonyms: expressive, articulate

Antonyms: inarticulate

Example Sentence:

She delivered an absolutely eloquent speech.


5. BUNGLE (VERB): (घोटाला करना): mishandle

Synonyms: mismanage, mess up

Antonyms: succeed in

Example Sentence:

He bungled his first attempt to manage a group of professional players.


6. BOLSTER (VERB): (मजबूत बनाना): strengthen

Synonyms: support, reinforce

Antonyms: undermine

Example Sentence:

The fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence.


7. PERTINENT (ADJECTIVE): (उचित): relevant

Synonyms: to the point, apposite

Antonyms: irrelevant

Example Sentence:

He asks a lot of very pertinent questions.


8. RIGOROUS (ADJECTIVE): (कठोर): strict

Synonyms: severe, stern

Antonyms: lax

Example Sentence:

There are rigorous controls on mergers.


9. ADHERE (VERB): (पालन करना): stick to

Synonyms: hold to, stand by

Antonyms: flout

Example Sentence:

The account adhered firmly to fact.


10. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): (भयानक): terrible

Synonyms: dreadful, appalling

Antonyms: good

Example Sentence:

His childhood was passed in dire poverty

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